The Sky Runners....

Game Best Viewed While FullScreened :)

Takes Time To Load...

I have kept some audios but aren't supported due to some reasons so we will try to fix is sooon......

Some Features
- 2 Different Themes & Locations
(Winter Theme & Simple Platform Theme)
- 4 Different Characters
(Sammy , Angel , Ninja & Knight)
- 2 different powerUps
(Magnet & Flash)
- Obstacles & Coins :)
- Open Game assests
(Gameart2d . com)
- Youtube Videos
- Open Source Contents
Proudly Created with GameMaker-Studio
By The Sky Soft Studios

- Dark Unicorn Gamer(Rudrax)
Available In
- Html5 ,
(Maybe on Facebook ,Android,Ios,Windows Store & Windows Phone ,Windows Later).
If You Also Want To Add Your Thoughts & Features In This Game Comment Below Friends....
Extra Features (May Be Added)
- Halloween Theme(Graveyard & Jack'o Lantern)
- Desert Theme
- Sci-Fi Theme(Robot Labs & Robo)..

Some Other Features...

- Particle effects like Snow..
- Character Choose & Buy
- Stores
- Gems & Coins

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Copyright (C) The Sky Studios.

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